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Tapas do Armenio Restaurant

This is my favorite seafood restaurant of all times! I just love the quality of their seafood, it’s amazing. There is no place I rather go on special occasions than “O tapas”. I always ask for the same and I really advise you to do the same “Mariscada”, it’s a full seafood experience with crab, clams, tiger shrimp, oysters, two dishes of meat or fish (you choose) fresh bread with butter, beers and wine, so delicious! And the best part is cheap (around 50-60€ per two). When you get there you will notice a lot of Cristiano Ronaldo pics, don’t think the owner is a freak fan! They are good friends, Mr.Armenio took care of Cristiano when he was a little boy together with is own son.
The only inconvenient is that you really need a car to go there or call a taxi.

Rua Pêro Vaz de Caminha 24, Monte Gordo 8900-432

Santa Lucia Bar

An excellent excuse to go out and enjoy some beers with natives. There’s always a lot of Tavira citizens that go there to eat a Tapa (Petisco in portuguese). The bar is open from morning till evening (2pm to 2am). Owners are friendly and maybe you can chat with some people there,it would be great right?

Santa Lucia Sports Bar, R. António Cabreira 18, 8800-344 Tavira, Portugal

Arcada Cocktail & Wine Bar

On the mod for a Gym? Arcada Cocktail Bar is a well know bar in Tavira for their cocktails, is a great place to chat with your friends and have a great night. The location is perfect, right on the center of the city so you can enjoy the architecture of the city. The bar is classy and the waiters are pleasant and polite. The cocktails are pricey but they worth the money.

8 Praça da República, Tavira, Faro, 8800-316

Pastelaria Tavirense

Wake up Wake up! Drive to Tavira and eat a delicious breakfast, a perfect "Meia de Leite" and a "Pão de Deus misto" or a "Pastel de Nata". You can thank us on the end ;) Prices around 3€

Pastelería Tavirense, Tv. Dom Brites 12, 8800-354 Tavira, Portugal

Here some directions for the nearest supermarkets and pharmacies

Algartalhos Supermarket: 7 min walking (

Pharmacy : 7 min walking (

Portugal is a country that breath food, we love to seat and eat for hours, but more than that we love the process of cooking food.
Cooking with portugueses is an experience that will fulfil that empty space you felt your entire life, it’s more than just cooking, is friendship, family and union. Portugueses have this way to bound trough food that only here you will find.
If you want to try the best dishes made in Portugal try one class in Algarve Cuisine academy. Chef Domingos will teach you the best way to cook Portuguese food in a friendly environment with great students just like you, and in the end you eat all that delicious food and drink a good bootle of wine.
If the class you want to attend is manly with portugueses don’t feel shy and don’t go! Grab your spoon and go there, the Chef speaks English so any doubt you can ask him, and most of the portugueses speak English as well and even when they don’t they will do everything to make you feel comfortable.
Unfortunately the classes are in Faro but with car you get there easily.

Rua Dr. Joaquim da Rocha Peixoto Magalhães Bloco-D
Loja-B 8000-536 faro


This guys just have to much awards! Really, they just won best barman in the world class competition 2016, world class competition 2015, best team barman and a bunch more.
We love this place, the cocktails, the environment the passion, it’s just what we need a to start our night (Portuguese style night starts really late like 23pm and goes until 6 am just on time to the pastries to open to eat our breakfast).
The cocktails are pricey but you won’t find nothing like this anywhere else.

Praça Dom Francisco Gomes, n13, Faro

This is the best restaurant and it is really close from our lovely house. We found it when we were on a rush and it was the best surprise ever! And so cheap! We ate Octopus Rice and is amazing. A meal with two main courses two desserts and two coffees beer and water only 16€!
What surprise me the most is that few days before this discover we went to a well know restaurant (Noélia) and we tried there octopus and it was not even close as good as this one, and we payed 40€!
We don’t need to say that we spent our last visits to Tavira in Marmita!
Don’t expect nothing fancy, is just a typical restaurant for local, but the waiters are really nice.
Price range from 7€ to 19€.
Contact:+351 281 381 350
Rua 25 de Abril 20, Tavira 8800-427, Portugal
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